I’m Still Here – Sorry About The Awkward Silence!

This is probably the single most difficult piece I have ever written and it’s as if my fingers are refusing to press the publish button. Both because parts of this post are very personal and also because we Danes have a completely irrational aversion to sharing our emotions  – just ask my wife, she complains about it often 🙂

First of all… if you feel like I have ignored you during the past year… You are probably right! I’m truly sorry about it and I hope you can forgive me.

As you may know I have been on a (mostly) voluntary sabbatical from internet marketing and that included turning off most lines of communication such as Facebook and Skype.

Winter is coming!

Little over a year ago we moved back home to Denmark. After many years abroad, on sunny Cyprus and in cosmopolitan Belgrade it was time to return to the cold north. It’s currently 4pm, it’s bitterly cold outside and darker than a Swedish death metal festival, yet festively decorated with a raging blizzard!

Winter is not coming, it’s already here… And yet I’m strangely content. I’ve always been a ”winter child” and as the they say: ”the darkest hour is just before the dawn!”

Shortly after we moved back my mum got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and what a terrible bitch of a disease that is. I have spent most of my time this past year being a primary caregiver and helping her fight this neigh on impossible battle.

It’s been bloody tough, an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions… but the battle is now almost lost and mum will hopefully soon find lasting peace. We are trying our best to make the last time as dignified and comfortable as we can and according to the doctors we’re in the final days. Mum is a stubborn and tough lady though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she sticks around a bit longer than that, just to prove them wrong.

I’m very happy we came home to Denmark, mum got to spend one last year with her son, daughter in law and most importantly her grandson – and we got to spend some quality time with her.

Internet Marketing Episode II: A New Hope

I have of course not been completely AWOL, I’ve still done some work to put butter on the bread. I’ve also had the chance to think long and hard about what I want to do with my professional life.

It’s no secret that I have been jaded with internet marketing for a while. Basically I have been involved with IM since 2004 and full time since mid 2006. I have created and launched several best selling products and membership sites and it’s been a great ride. But for the past couple of years the whole product creation, launch and promotion cycle has seemed more like a chore than a pleasure.

I do miss the industry and the wonderful people in it… like you! But I have come to conclusion that life is too bloody short to spend doing stuff you don’t like. During countless hours spent in hospitals and next to a sickbed, I have realised that… a) in order to preserve my sanity in these trying times, I need to start working and being creative again – and b) …

I’m A Writer!

I love writing and I want to spend my professional life writing books, blogging and most importantly writing copy. Copywriting is a great passion of mine and something I am bloody good at. I have used a huge chunk of the past year listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading books from my favourite copy and sales gurus and generally refreshing and honing my skills by devouring an ungodly amount of junk mail and sales letters.

This old blog, along with the corresponding Facebook page, is being repurposed into the new hub for my writing business, it’s obviously still a work in progress but I will get there over the coming weeks. I on the other hand am raring to go and ready to start writing copy again! So if you need a kick ass sales letter, VSL, email series etc. please use the contact form here to get in touch with me. If you know someone else in need of successful copywriter with huge industry experience and insight… then feel free to send them my way 🙂

Can I Ask You For A Small Favour?

It turns out that my Skype account is not doing too well… in fact I can’t even get into it. That’s a huge problem since most of my industry contacts are stored in there. I’m working on restoring it but I may have to start out from scratch with a new account.

That’s where you enter the picture, if you would like to reconnect with me – and why wouldn’t you? (insert puppy dog eyes)… Then please use the contact form here and add your Skype ID in the message field, so I can get you added to my new account (or to my old account should I prevail).

Now you may be wondering what’s going on with IM Wealth Builders and all of our old products and sites. I’m happy to report that…

IM Wealth Builders Is In Great Hands!

I’m still a (very) silent partner in the business. The amazing Mr. John Merrick is in charge of day to day operations and any new stuff coming out. Our great mutual friend Matt Garrett will be assisting him and the boys already have a bunch of exciting stuff lined up for 2018.

I’ll help them out if and when they need me – but I will mostly be focused on writing a metric ton of high converting sales copy and emails.

TL/DR Summary

I’m sorry for not staying in touch. Life kicked me in the balls and my mum us dying from cancer. I’m back in business and would love to reconnect… and I’m going to devote my career to writing a lot of kick ass copy and I would love to write your next sales letter!

Use the contact form to reconnect and/or if you need some copy for a project!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


11 thoughts on “I’m Still Here – Sorry About The Awkward Silence!

  1. Sorry to hear about your mom Søren. Terra’s dad also had pancreatic cancer and passed away in 2016. Our thoughts are with you and we’re glad you were able to spend some quality time with your mom.

    I’m adding my contact info below. Let’s connect and let me know if I can help in any way.
    Skype: Dush.ramachandran

  2. Thanks Dush, please pass on my regards to Terra as well. It really is a terrible disease. I will definitely hit you up on Skype in the very near future, I’m very much looking forward to reconnecting with both of you.

  3. Dear Soren,
    I am so sorry to hear about your mom and I hope she finds the peace she deserves. I know you have added an enormous plus to the quality of her life by being there for her and allowing her to have your family close.

    I am the second caregiver for my girlfriend’s mom, who is a 24/7 dementia case, so I can relate to your struggle.

    I also applaud you for returning to your passion. This is the best thing you can do. All the learning plus your experiences will make you an even stronger writer.

    Glad to see your return.

    Cheers, Smiles, Laughs, Love and Success,

    1. Thanks John that means lot to me. And yeah if mum was still able to speak she would tell me to go get shit done 🙂

  4. You’re so fantastic. I’m so thrilled about you having a wife and child… And so sorry about Mom. You have to know how proud she must be of you! I hope to be able to talk to you soon!

    1. Thanks Ankur, I’ll hit you up on Skype as soon as I get it up and running again (should get there today)

    1. Sorry to hear that Robert. I’m working on getting the account restored and should be on tonight – if not I will definitely hit you up over the next few days.

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