Who You’re Going To Meet & Who you’re Not‏

Its Monday… Sunday went by in a blur and I’m not sure where most of today went either. So who and what do we have in store for you in Bristol?

=> I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me!

We have me of course :-)

Donna Fox the persuasion queen, who is going to give you the skills to communicate and persuade your prospects and visitors into buying your products.

Robert Puddy who is going to teach you everything about driving traffic, and building a list – Including a five minute strategy for building a super-targeted list of eager buyers in under 17 days.

Amit Mehta the lead instructor for PPC classroom Amit has been responsible for over 3 million in sales and it only takes a couple of hours a day to implement.

Jennie Armato Head Coach & Trainer Web Business Academy… This is my secret weapon… Jenny is going to Teach this old dog some new tricks. All this web 2.0 social networking stuff is a mystery, its easy to let it eat up your time. Jenny will show you and me how to turn it into a traffic generation power house.

And not to forget our two special guests Simon Hodgkinson and Tahir Shah, two Brits who absolutely love our vision of empowering more Brits and Europeans to be succesful online. So we can have a shift in revenue, be real nice for the US marketers to send more dollars to the UK and Europe ;-)

Plus of course 80 Uk and European marketers here in your own back yard to JV with and help each other grow.

=> I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me!

There are just 20 places left for this event and only 5 Vip Dinner and mastermind seats left, this is important because on Friday we have to give the hotel the final minimum number, after that the price of a ticket will rise to its full price $497!

4 days to get the early bird price of $197, and I reckon less than 24 hours to guarantee a seat at the VIP dinner and mastermind session.

=> I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me!

Oh yes the who your not going to meet…

You are not going to meet negative people who don’t understand what your trying to achieve. Its so empowering to speak to a whole hotel full of people who know what an autoresponder is!

See you in Bristol!
- Soren Jordansen

P.S. You can spend years waking up at dawn, surfing the Web with crusty eyes — figuring out what works and what doesn’t. But doesn’t it make a lot more sense to skip the learning curve?

=> I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me!

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  1. Posted by Phil Henderson 5th May, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    Hi Soren

    Looking forward to seeing you all again on Friday…

    Timing they say is everything and believe me the timing of this event couldn’t be better.

    So many fantastic speakers with great life-changing strategies and injecting the motivation we all need to succeed online.

    Anyone who is serious about their online business simply must attend, not should try to attend but MUST attend.

    Phil H…

    p.s I’m not down until the Friday morning so we’ll have to put off that pint at the bar until Friday night ;-)

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