Who Is Soren?

Well, since you got to this page I guess you want to know a bit more about me, so here we go…

My name is Soren Jordansen. Actually it’s Søren but most of you won’t be able to find the Ø on your keyboard let alone pronounce it. I’m a 28 year old Dane living in the most northern part of Denmark (hence the weird letters Æ,Ø and Å).

Before we get into the internet marketing stuff I’d better give you some background info. I have a degree in Political Science, worked my way through University as a waiter first and then later a restaurant manager… and then I decided to join the army (maybe temporary insanity), but I loved it had some very good years. I’ve seen my fair share of the world’s hot spots and I’m happy to report that internet marketing is a lot safer (you just don’t get the work out). Anyway I ended up as a 1st Lieutenant and I’m still in the army reserves, not very active though.

I got started in internet marketing back in 2004. I’m still not really sure why, I did not need the money and the army didn’t leave much spare time. But I’m glad I did take that first step, because I discovered that I had a knack for it and more importantly that I really enjoyed it.

Of course I faced the same learning curve as everyone else and I’ve made all the classic “newbie” mistakes. But my drive, skills and probably some army discipline meant that I quickly started to experience success online. And by mid 2006 I was making more money with my online business than the army would ever consider paying me… so I went full time ;-)

I have a lot of products and services floating around on the internet (too many to mention here), but most people meet me for the first time when they join my Dragon Surf traffic exchange. I very much enjoy running a good quality traffic exchange like that and it serves as an excellent entry point to the rest of my online business.

I’m an idea man and I constantly get new business ideas (far more than I can use). But I’m currently working on a couple of them and will be doing some major launches in 2008… other than that I enjoy networking with other marketers, sharing ideas and maybe educating them a bit.

Here are a couple of places where you can meet me in 2008…

  • NetMarketingForum (responsible for much of my success and I check in daily).
  • Forum Know How (I’m a resident expert there and it’s well worth a visit).
  • Focus Marketing Seminars (I’ll be in Washington this year, check out the series of almost free workshops leading up to it. My buddies Pat Lovell and Robert Puddy always deliver some great content).

If you need to contact me the easiest way is to submit a ticket at Dragon Surf and you are always more than welcome to post a comment or question anywhere on this blog.

And finally… if you want to be notified about new post at this blog and about news in internet marketing in general, please use the form below to sign up for my newsletter. You will also get free instant access to my special thank you package.


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