The Easiest Way To “Copy & Paste” Your Way To Massive Clickbank Success!

As I’ve discussed in some of my Affiliate Evolution posts below, content is still king. And, although it’s not a very sexy topic, nothing is probably more important than the content you stick into your auto responder follow up series. That is the meat and potatoes of your internet marketing business, where you reap the profits from your advertising – and where you bond with your readers, in order to set yourself up for future sales.

Over the past week I have seen a lot of people (in forums and conference rooms) ask questions about how to write a good follow up series. A good portion of those people were either venting frustrations because it did not work for them, or told my flat out that they were scared to even try.

So, I thought I would write some articles with my tips and tricks for writing follow up emails for different scenarios. Don’t worry that article series is still in the works – but something related fell into my lap today and I had to let you know about it first.

You see, I have a good Aussie friend named Michael Cobb. Mike has a knack for creating automated income streams – In fact he has been know to disappear off the face of the internet for extended periods of time, and yet he still manages to outsell me most of the time (and I’m not too happy about that).

So what’s Mike’s secret? … How can you make a full time living online without actually being “there” all the time?

  1. He sends traffic to his squeeze page & uses a free “hook” to get new subscriber
  2. He writes some great emails promoting Clickbank products and loads them up in his autoresponder
  3. He lets the email series do the selling and lets Clickbank handle the product delivery
  4. He goes to the bank to cash his two monthly Clickbank checks
  5. And reinvests some of it in more traffic
  6. Rinse and repeat…

Now we’re talking about the sexy, automated, “work smarter – not harder” internet business we all want. Problem is that you actually have to write that great email series to make it work – Hence the article series I have planned for you ;-)

But what I’m here to tell you today is that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. It’s ok to use copy & paste emails in your email series as long as they are good – and Mike has a treat in store for you…

180 (and counting) of his profit pulling cut and paste emails, promoting top selling Clickbank products… These are perfect for sticking into your autoresponder – or you can even tweak them a bit and use them as blog posts. This is an absolute goldmine of content – It will make sales, and it will save you hours of writing time and frustration.

=> Grab Your Clickbank Profit Pack Here!

Powertip: As I said Mike writes some great converting email series – grab his package and study how he does it, I can guarantee you that you will pick up some golden nuggets that you can use to improve your own promotional emails.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for my upcoming articles on how to write great follow up emails.

Have a great weekend,
- Soren Jordansen

P.S. You DID Get This, Right? I told about Russell Brunson’s great offer to pick up Affiliate Evolution for just $10. Hopefully you had a chance to check it out. I’ve previewed it and there’s absolutely no downside. In case you missed it, go to:

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  1. Posted by Lee Davis 30th May, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    Hey Soren,

    Thanks for the mail on cbprofits. I just have 2 quickies as I wanted to know what it has personally done for you;

    1) How long have you usedcbprofit and benefitted from its’ features?
    2) How much $ have you been able to make this month as a result of the application of what you’ve learned from cbprofits?

    I look forward to your response and I’ll be sure to purchase through your affiliate link if I decide to buy and after I’ve checked it out all the way around (after due diligence actionation, etc.). If you feel like you have inside info that’d help sway my opinion, you’re more than welcome to get back to me @ my email address that you have access to through your system.

  2. Posted by Soren Jordansen 30th May, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    It’s brand new so I haven’t used it yet.

    However Mike is a personal friend and I know his work is great + I have of course reviewed it before recommending it.

  3. Posted by Silvia Ruiz 13th November, 2008 at 12:59 am


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