Ready Made OTO – My Secret Weapon Revealed… Grrrr

Yep my secret is out… My good friend Mike Steup just launched a new product called Ready Made One Time Offers – even though I think he is slightly insane and had hoped he would keep these for himself (and me of course).

This was my lazy, but super powerful, secret weapon – yeah secret until now. And now that the secret is revealed I guess I’d better tell you why the Ready Made One Time Offers are so good and give you a few hints on how to use them.

I’m sure by now you realize that just selling your product is not enough to really make a significant amount of money. You need some kind of back end offer to really take advantage of the buying mindset your customers are in after they buy your first product.

The most common way this is done is using a One Time Offer right after they purchase your first product. What a lot of people will do is put together a large group of products and sell it at a huge discount. And this works VERY well.

The problem that most people encounter is that they don’t have the time or the resources to put together an offer like this, so they simply skip this step – And it ends up costing them huge profits.

Mike has been working for months putting together this set of One Time Offers that are ready to be plugged in to your back end sales process to immediately increase your profits on any product you sell, or on any newsletter you have.

He isn’t only giving you one OTO . . . he’s giving you a package of TEN One Time Offers that are ready to go:

=> Grab Your Ready Made One Time Offers Here!

There are a ton of ways to use these ready made offers, and here are just a few hints:

1) Just cut and paste them in as one time offers, upsells, downsells or log in offers on your existing sites. I do this on quite a few of my sites and it works like a charm. (With the brand new products and professional templates I’m sure they will convert even better).

2) Use the offers to monetize your list building process. Just cut and paste one of them in as your thank you page or as a one time offer before people reach your download page. List building becomes a lot more fun when you monetize the process ;-) And the big plus you will generate revenue you can reinvest in traffic, in order to build your list even faster.

3) All the products come with Master Resale Rights. So you actually get a whole stack of hot products (complete with sales page, download page etc.) You can add these products to your email series, blogs, sites etc. and of course get 100% of the sales…. IMPORTANT: if you sell the individual products, remember to use one of the cut & paste OTOs as the upsell!

4) You get the right to give away a lot of these MRR products (or at leas offer them as a bonus for buying something). That means you have a stack of new “bait” products to help you build a list. And of course also a lot of products you can offer as bonus packages to entice people to buy other products from your affiliate link.

5) And much, much more… Lots of possibilities with a package of this quality.

=> Grab Your Ready Made One Time Offers Here!

Each OTO package has 25 top quality products (all with Master Resell Rights). But, he’s also giving you 3 high quality templates to use for each OTO. He had his graphic designer put together some really cool graphics just for these OTOs.

That gives you a ton of different options when it comes time to pick the special offer you need for your next product, or for your newsletter sign ups. You won’t have to worry about scrambling around at the last minute trying to find something to offer . . . you can just pluck one of these pre-made One Time Offers of the shelf and put it into action!

To get started, pick up your Ready Made One Time Offers today:

=> Grab Your Ready Made One Time Offers Here!

The great thing about the Ready Made OTOs is that you’re not limited to using them JUST as an OTO – you can even use them as a stand alone product and still make a killing with them. So if you’re worried that you don’t even have a front end product, let alone a special offer for that product, you can easily turn this into your front end product!

P.S. This just launched, so the price is at its lowest point right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price go up pretty soon. Get your Ready Made One Time Offers today to make sure you get the lowest price…

=> Grab Your Ready Made One Time Offers Here!

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  1. Posted by Oliver Ohene-Dokyi 4th May, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    thanks for any program you’ve been promoting i probably joined, but to be honest it could have been a program you pre-sub-or repromoted. if you created it yourself that’s fine so can check if i joined at your program:)BUT as far as i went through this onlinemarketing pro’s and con’s i need to tell you this and hope for good response !

    Promising Words are attracting anyone having a low monthly income! but how much time do we have to spend in promoting a words massively?
    the products do not change that much be honest, so that there can be a massive changes in the hard work and time you probably don’t have to invest into a new commercialized same thing.
    so just don’t promote to many programs and don’t pull in here and there . please don’t forget the massive time of setting all steps down to a small fee program and than end up spending more time to promote it .
    i am close to unsubscribe because we have to act more wisely as human beings today!
    millions and trillions won’t stop these more aggressive times but rejection and satisfaction do!

    raise one biz to give you good results and keep it there!
    As a global fair trade motivated Artist and online marketer i please everyone being successful once having a positive income not to spread octupus legs of greed using tricks to more businesses!!!
    the space is getting smaller and still to many people die from hunger, this tricks and unstoppable joy of having success is one big reason in a networking worldCOMMUNITY.

    life is a gift so try to act fair


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