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There is no denying that video has become the rage of internet marketing and that it can be a very effective marketing tool. It’s being used in pre-launches, on sales pages, in tutorials and many have started using videos a standard part of their product packages. I like a good video and if a picture can say more than a thousand words I guess a video can do even better ;-)

Problem is that not all videos are created equal… Sometimes the quality and editing is very poor or outright annoying, at other times it’s the context and placement of the video that just makes you want to scream.

I have a couple of examples of good video use in internet marketing – both examples are on how to use video in your prelaunch stage, and you definitely want to ask yourself: “how could I use a similar approach in 2008?”

First one is Armand Morin, he has put together something very similar to a “movie trailer” which is generating a lot of excitement – especially when people are finding out that it leads to a TON of free video lessons.

Notice how it creates an element of “curiosity” and draws you in – very powerful for maximizing conversion. Ask yourself this – how could I use a similar approach in 2008?

After you watch the video you’ll be redirected to an optin page where you can claim an entire month’s worth of free video content. Armand has already posted 6 videos and he’s adding more throughout the month of January.

The second example is from Derek Gehl and guys at the Internet Marketing Center. Is a prelaunch page leading up to their highly anticipated first product launch of 2008. There are only 250 spots available in Derek’s new program and I highly recommend that you sign up today so you don’t miss your chance of grabbing. You will get some very good free training material so it’s worth it even if you aren’t interested in the main product. Plus it is a rare chance to actually see and listen to Derek (if you don’t attend his seminars).

Notice how it’s similar to Armand’s video but still very different. Armand is all about creating curiousity, Derek does the same but then continues to give more specific information and some pretty strong negative qualifyers.

Both Armand Morin and Derek Gehl have some very solid affiliate programs with a lot of good products. If you want to you can start promoting their videos today, here are the details.

And last but not least here is a video tool for affiliate marketers that I have been using with great results. It’s called PreSaleVideos. It gives you some ready made videos that have your affiliate links embedded.

That’s it for now thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say about this post or about video marketing in general.

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