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You’ve probably been reading my list building article series here at the blog, and you might also have seen the squeeze page secrets videos, I have been sharing with your over the past week… Those videos were done by my good friend James Grandstaff, and today James has finally launched his new Instant MLM Squeeze Pages

Now that is something I can get excited about – Because what James if offering you, is a push button system, that basically follows my step-by-step articles to the letter. Here’s what you get:

  1. Professionally designed squeeze pages
  2. Rebrandable ebooks
  3. Pre-written follow up series
  4. And everything is hosted for you

Everything can be used to promote whatever you want (not limited to MLM), and you can be set up and ready go with a few mouse clicks.

=> Grab Your Risk Free $1 Trial Here, And See For Yourself!

Your might be wondering why I’m recommending a service called Instant MLM Squeeze Pages, after all I don’t really have anything to do with MLM… Fair enough, let me explain.

As I said these squeeze pages, reports etc. can be used to promote whatever you like – The key is that they follow the right formula, e.g. promoting a good squeeze page, giving away a great report in order to get people on your email list, and then following up with whatever you want to sell/promote.

I also believe that this is a much needed service in the internet marketing world. A lot of my readers have gone through my articles and realized that they needed to follow the steps – but unfortunately a lot of people are also being held back by lack of technical knowledge. By using a service like Instant MLM Squeeze Pages, everyone can follow my list building success plan.

Just to show you that this can be used to promote anything, here are (just) a few ideas:

1. If you are involved with an MLM company you can obviously use this system to help you promote it. Using these squeeze page will not only skyrocket your results, compared to promoting those generic company pages – It will also open up an additional residual income stream, from people joining Instant MLM Squeeze Pages under you. And don’t forget that you will also build an email list, potentially outstripping your MLM business as far as income goes.

2. If you are involved with an MLM business and you have a downline, you can contact them an invite them to try Instant MLM Squeeze Pages. They get a tool that will help them build your downline faster. And on top of the increased MLM income, you open up an additional income stream from your existing downline.

3. Here’s the route I’m taking… I know there are thousand of people out there who are struggling to promote their MLM businesses. By advertising my personal Instant MLM Squeeze Pages, I can give them the information and tools they need. At the same time I will be building my email list and I can use the follow up series and the rebrandable ebooks to promote whatever I want (in this case mainly Dragon Surf)

I’m excited about this new service, and I’ve got to praise James for coming up with such a great idea (and executing it in A+ style). I’m sure you can find ways to use this in your business and I highly recommend grabbing the trial offer (while it’s there), so you can give it a good spin.

=> Grab Your Risk Free $1 Trial Here, And See For Yourself!

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