The Best MME4 Bonus Is Live

Marketing Main Event 4 just went live and this has to be the “most insane value” launch we’ve ever seen. Go straight here to secure your copy of the 5 turnkey membership sites – and get your hands on our massive bonus package… => Best MME4 Bonus We’ve already secured our copy and Cindy used [...]

Who You’re Going To Meet & Who you’re Not‏

Its Monday… Sunday went by in a blur and I’m not sure where most of today went either. So who and what do we have in store for you in Bristol? => I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me! We have me of course Donna Fox the persuasion queen, who is going [...]

Merry Christmas

Oh it’s been a long time since I have posted here (hint, if you have a blog you are supposed to write on it)… But I’ve been very busy getting Instant Banner Creator done and launched. Anyway, I finally found the time to write a post… and that give me the chance to wish you [...]

Twitter In Plain English

With the launch of my new Tweet My Blog, I have received a lot of questions from my readers and members. These question generally fall into two categories: 1) What is Twitter and why should I use it? 2) How can I use Twitter to promote my internet marketing business? I have found a great [...]

The Free WordPress Plugin For Twitter

Pat Marcello shot a great video about my new Tweet My Blog plugin yesterday. It show you just how simple it is to install and use this Twitter plugin on your WordPress blog. You can watch the video here: Grab Your Free Copy Of Tweet My Blog Here!

Tweet My Blog – A Free Twitter Plugin For WordPress

Ever wondered how you could harness the power of Twitter to drive massive amounts of traffic to your blogs – and how to convert that traffic into cash? Together with John Merrick I have just come up with the perfect solution for you… Our new product called Tweet My Blog. It’s a WordPress plugin that [...]

What Is Derek Gehl Up To NOW?! I Figured It Out!

What the heck is Derek Gehl up to NOW?! I got a message from him the other day that was pretty vague, but mentioned something about a revolutionary new training system that he and his team of experts have been working on. Now I’m *always* interested in what Derek is up to, so I called [...]

The Average Internet Marketer Is What?

The results from my big internet marketing survey are ready – and as promised I’m going to share them with you along with my comments, tips and suggestions… I surveyed all my internet marketing related lists, and the sample size and response rate should be big enough to consider the data statistically valid – and [...]

Affiliate Evolution Is Live & So Is Your Bonus Package

Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Evolution just went live a couple of hours ago, and so did the massive bonus package I have put together for you => Grab Affiliate Evolution & My Bonuses Here! As you can see in the posts below, I have been following the Affiliate Evolution training for about a week now – [...]

Affiliate Evolution – The Value Based Business

We had another great live training session with Russell today. We were talking about the value added business and that touched on a few things I have been discussing with a few other marketers this week – So, I felt I needed to write another post and share my take on this. But before we [...]