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We had another great live training session with Russell today. We were talking about the value added business and that touched on a few things I have been discussing with a few other marketers this week – So, I felt I needed to write another post and share my take on this. But before we get started…

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The foundation of the value based business model, and thus Russell’s opening line today: “People will pay more money for the same content packaged in different ways!”

Russell gave his own free DVD as an example. He gives that away for free and it basically contains everything his company teaches. However some of his customers are happy to pay more to get the same information delivered through different methods – all the way up to getting the content delivered via private 1 on 1 coaching.

The Ascension Model

This is what I usually refer to as the sales funnel… In order to maximize your income, you set your products and services up to have different levels provides different content – By the way, this also applies to affiliate marketing:

  1. You have a free (or low cost) entry point to you business – This could for example be delivering a free ebook or report
  2. Next level (and price point) could be to offer the information via audio files, and probably adding even more content.
  3. The you could expand your content and deliver it via video – maybe add step by step video tutorial videos.
  4. You can keep adding levels (at higher price points), up to offline seminars, 1 one 1 consultation, or total “we do it all for you solutions” etc.

And this is not confined to levels within the same product. You can use the ascension model or sales funnel to create a tier system of related products or sevices, related to you entry point. The key is to deliver value and results on each level so people will be happy to purchase the next level – under promise and over deliver is a great concept for any business.

The concept ties in with something we have been discussing in the traffic exchange community this week – namely owners launching traffic exchange after traffic exchange without any real difference. These owners are basically shooting themselves in the foot and dilluting their own business model in exchange for some quick “launch money”.

What they should be doing instead is, following the “Ascension Model” – keep building their traffic exchange (their entry point), and then create additional related services and products – that people would be happy to buy, because they are happy with what they are getting from the traffic exchange. You can read more about the traffic exchange discussion in Jon Olson’s Hitexchange News.

Adding Value To Your Affiliate Promotions

Russell also mentioned a very cool example. He was talking about Anik Singal and how he promoted a product called Traffic Equalizer. Basically Anik offered anyone who bought the product, through his link, a set of tutorials on how to use the product. Anik was adding value to the product in order to increase his conversion rate – but here’s the clever bit – he then took the list of people who bought the product from him, and offered them even more tutorials and coaching. He ended up creating his own ascension model around an affiliate program, and made a lot more from the promotion than most of the other affiliates.

The Right Way To Find JV Partners

During the last part of today’s session we were discussing the easiest ways to get traffic and build your list (maybe most effective ways is a better term) – Anyway, there is no doubt that it’s join ventures, swapping thank you page ads, auto responder messages and email promotions.

Russell had some great points about how to get JV partners, and this also happens to be pet peeve of mine as well… Don’t just run around emailing people and telling them how much money they can make promoting you product, that does not work – You need network with people, get on their radar – do something for them without necessarily asking for something in return. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Read their blog and post (relevant) comments
  2. If they have a forum, join it and be a contributing part of the community
  3. Buy their product, let them know how much you like it, maybe write them a nice (and honest) testimonial
  4. Offer to help them with something, you might have skills they are missing
  5. Promote their products – that’s a surefire way to get someones attention.

If you follow that approach you will find it a whole lot easier to recruit JV partners – give and you shall receive ;-)

Anyway I think I need to round this post off now – this was a short recap of + my take on some of the stuff Russell covered in today’s free live video training. He has another session scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday May 24th) at 11am EST – I highly recommend that you show up, the content is awesome. If you sign up from the page below you will also get access to the replays of the previous training sessions.

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To your affiliate marketing success,
~ Soren Jordansen

P.S. When you listen to the replay of this session, pay special attention to what Russell has to say about swipe files and being marketed to – it’s at the very end of the session and it’s really solid advice. Click the banner below to visit the site.

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