How to Create a Best Selling Product

Should you sell products that people need? The answer might surprise you. And that’s because the answer is “not always.” You see, lots of beginning marketers start out by creating products that people need. But here’s the thing: Needing a product and WANTING a product are not the same thing. If you’re creating products that [...]

How Solving Problems Can Make You Rich

You’re in business because you want to make money, right? Of course. You need to pay your bills, put food on the table and enjoy some of the finer things in life. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Your business should be profitable enough to take care of all your wants and needs. But here’s [...]

Fine If You Don’t Read This – Only Helps Me Stay Ahead

In a minute you’ll more than likely say “this is not for me”, “I’m not big enough”, “I can’t afford it” or something like that, and you’ll close down this blog and go do something unproductive like playing bejewelled on Facebook.

Send Button Profits – Is It Really Free?

Wow we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from people snatching up their free copy of Jeff’s new “Send Button Profits“. Very good sign when you get emails like this I have already watched the intro video. It is brilliant, cheers! – John Harmer But we’ve also received a lot of questions, so let me [...]