Ready Made OTO – My Secret Weapon Revealed… Grrrr

Yep my secret is out… My good friend Mike Steup just launched a new product called Ready Made One Time Offers – even though I think he is slightly insane and had hoped he would keep these for himself (and me of course). This was my lazy, but super powerful, secret weapon – yeah secret [...]

Who You’re Going To Meet & Who you’re Not‏

Its Monday… Sunday went by in a blur and I’m not sure where most of today went either. So who and what do we have in store for you in Bristol? => I Want To Meet The People Who Can Help Me! We have me of course Donna Fox the persuasion queen, who is going [...]

A Blatant Rip Off – The Week In Review

Ok… I might as well admit it before I start typing more – I have blatantly stole this post format from my good friend Mike Paetzold. Every week Mike posts a “Week in Review” on his blog, summing up what’s going on in the world of internet marketing – what’s hot and what’s not. After [...]