My Not So Secret List Building Strategy

The money is in the list… You need to build a list… [Insert more clichés here]. We have all heard this a million times and we know it to be the truth. Well at least it’s the truth if you want to succeed in internet marketing. No matter what I do in my daily work [...]

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog The Easy Way

I have gotten a lot of emails lately from people asking me if I could help them set up a WordPress blog. I have been holding off on replying to most of them because I knew something big was coming… and that something is here now! My good friend Mike Paetzold has just released a [...]

Is Internet Marketing Explained A Scam?

I just got an email from a customer asking me whether Armand Morin’s new Internet Marketing Explained is a scam… at first I had a bit of a chuckle at this, but then I realized that everyone aren’t familiar with Armand and his work and that it’s a perfectly valid question. First of all I [...]

Internet Marketing Videos Case Study

There is no denying that video has become the rage of internet marketing and that it can be a very effective marketing tool. It’s being used in pre-launches, on sales pages, in tutorials and many have started using videos a standard part of their product packages. I like a good video and if a picture [...]

Special Deal For Lazy Gits

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Welcome To My New Blog

Hey everyone, I’ve finally got my blog updated with the new design. A big thank you to Sean Lowery for creating yet another fantastic piece of art. This also means that I will return to a much more regular posting schedule here. After all, I have to fill it with something since my trigger happy [...]